Cloud based Energy Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring and analysis of energy consumption of assets provide not only real time energy consumption data of your assets but also provide predictive consumption for upcoming days, weeks, months and year. It identifies the areas where you can improve and optimise your energy bills in real time and expected saving based on that.

Svizona provides user friendly, plug and play solution for your needs with on-premise or off-premise data storage.

User friendly dashboards provide overview of current, voltage, Power, Power factor, Peak and off peak loads. Analysis of hourly, monthly and yearly energy consumption.

Hourly, daily, weekends and weekdays report helps to analysis and optimise the energy consumption to plan and avoid peak hours that add to substantial savings.

Process Optimisation is need of the day!

Slow down in economic activities due to current Pandemic is creating a ripple affect on various industries throughout the globe. Oil Prices fluctuated and gown down to a level which no one sees earlier. Construction industry has gone to stand still. Some basis industries like Food & beverages got hit. Automobile industry had downturn.

This clearly shows importance of conscious and rational analysis of current situation and firm actions anticipating the upcoming challenges. Bases of that can be a reliable data and accordingly optimisation of business models and processes. Automation & digitisation plays a major role in that.